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How does Life Benefits Vault add value to my services as an insurance agent?
Life Benefits Vault enhances your reputation as an organized, responsible, and forward-thinking insurance agent. By offering your clients a secure and centralized location for all their life insurance documents, you demonstrate an additional layer of service and care. Your clients will appreciate the extra effort, leading to increased client retention and referrals.
What is included in the Life Benefits Vault service?

Life Benefits Vault offers a digital vault for each of your clients where all their life insurance documents are securely stored. The vault includes a welcome video to guide family members through the claims process, the insurance company’s contact details, and your contact information as the agent. We also send out an introductory email and a bi-annual reminder email to your clients and all beneficiaries listed on the policy.

How secure is the Life Benefits Vault?

Security is a priority for us. Each personal vault uses 256-bit encryption to keep your client’s life insurance documents secure. Their vault can be accessed via a unique URL and password provided upon sign up.

How does Life Benefits Vault improve the client experience?

Life Benefits Vault makes managing life insurance easier for your clients. By storing all their documents in one accessible location, you eliminate the need for them to rummage through paperwork during difficult times. The introductory and reminder emails ensure your clients and their beneficiaries always have their policy information at their fingertips. This convenience, coupled with the peace of mind of secure storage, significantly enhances their experience.